Our POWER Grip protective finish


The next performance is coming up and you get sweaty fingers in the headlights - of course only because of the heat? Or do you play particularly fast music genres and need extra support?

Then ours POWER Grip protective finish for picks just right for you.

  • Transparent protective finishing is printed over your desired motif
  • 3D paint increases grip when playing
  • Seals pressure and makes the pick more durable
  • slightly increases pick strength

Order your next plectrum with it POWER Grip, then after your desired motif has been printed, a special, transparent varnish is applied. You can imagine this as a three-dimensional grain that you can not only see but also feel. This refinement increases the grip Your plectrum and it no longer slips away when playing.

Another benefit of POWER Grip protective finish is that it protects the pressure on the picks at the same time. This can wear out at some point - after many hours of intensive gaming. With the POWER Grip Coating does not happen. the Pressure is bombproof. Ehrlich! And the protective finish itself also lasts without wearing out. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Tip: Do you decide for the picks with POWER Grip protective finish, then feel free to choose a lower strength than what you normally prefer. Because the protective finish is an extra layer, it makes the picks slightly thicker than the original gauge.

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