Feuerzeuge selbst gestalten bei DER BANDMARKT



    Lighter, Fidibus, match, lighter, firelighter:


    Lighter, Fidibus, match, igniter, firelighter all describe a small object that is used to create fire in our hands to make our lives easier. In the meantime, however, it has also become a classic to use your lighter as a bottle opener. That's why we offer you lighters with bottle openers, electronic lighters and USB arc lighters that you can design yourself and make the perfect promotional item for your band. Buy the fiery giveaway from DER BANDMARKT now.


    • classic shape
    • individual and personal
    • The eye-catcher in your hand
    • Guerrilla Marketing Tip: Get your lighter swiped and spread your band brand at the speed of light


    Made with 🤘 in Witten