Have customer stoppers and sidedrops from DER BANDMARKT printed with your band logo now!

Are you proud of your band and want everyone to know about it? Then DER BANDMARKT is your reliable promotional partner!

With the sidedrops and customer stoppers from DER BANDMARKT you are guaranteed to draw the attention of your fans! Do you want your band to be recognized? Do you want to catch everyone's attention and draw full attention to your band? You want your band logo to be recognizable from any distance with your new individually printed backdrop from DER BANDMARKT?
You definitely need one Sidedrop from THE BAND MARKET!
Rely on the top quality of our sidedrops and pavement signs for indoor and outdoor use with high-quality photo printing. Upload your band logo or your desired motif and you're already part of DER BANDMARKT!
The sidedrop and pavement stopper are washable, easy to transport, stable, dimensionally stable and extremely tear-resistant, reusable, weatherproof, colourfast, and you can easily clean them if they get dirty.



Remember the stopwatch!

Hard to believe, but measurably true! You can completely build this sidedrop in less than 30 seconds. You can't be any faster or more flexible. Transporting it to and from it is no sweat on your forehead, because the entire roll-up weighs only 3.9 kilograms.
What discerning eyes!

What use is first-class technology if the pressure can't keep up? Don't worry, our print is guaranteed to keep up. Photo-realistic 1200 dpi resolution on opaque PVC tarpaulin weighing 650 grams guarantees real eye-catchers. Our environmentally friendly latex ink is extremely robust, making your motif scratch-resistant and easy to wash off if it gets dirty. Due to the B1 fire protection classification, you can, may and should also set up these roll-ups in all kinds of rooms.Double-sided pavement sign with snap frame (corners optionally mitred or rondo). Very stable with a 25 x 25 mm strong stand profile and two mounted 25 mm snap frames with an extremely impact-resistant, rustproof metal rear panel. The poster stands are weatherproof, with integrated water drainage in the lower profile and UV-stabilised, non-reflective cover film.