A bit of drumming, it can't be that difficult. Or?

Bisschen Herumtrommeln, so schwierig kann das doch gar nicht sein. Oder?

A bit of drumming, it can't be that difficult. Or? Playing the drums is often underestimated. Anyone who has sat behind the drums and tried to get the beat of their favorite song knows: it's not that easy.

But how can you quickly master the most important drumming skills with little experience and thus score points at the next jam session, with friends or at home? We'll tell you here: With the three simple tricks, you'll quickly learn cool skills and playing the drums is even more fun! Here we go!

Skill # 1 – It's all a question of the groove In short: There are two time signatures, i.e. rhythms when playing the drums. The classic rhythm is the groove. The hi-hat sets the pace. So you always hit the hi-hat on 1-2-3-4. Your bass drum or snare will also be played on the 2 and 4. And There you go! That's how easy it is for you to get the standard rhythm. You can also practice it at any time silently or by drumming with your hands and legs without drums. The fill-ins mostly bridge between the verses and the chorus. There are no beats accompanying the rhythm. Grab your phone and listen to the part after the first verse of your favorite song. Now you know what we are talking about. One thing counts above all: tact! Try it out: When you hear a song now, just pass the time yourself by drumming with your hands and legs. So you are perfectly prepared for your next assignment!

Skill # 2 – You should spontaneously step in as a drummer? Easier said than done. But we can do that together. Let's start with the sticks: They should always be the same length, weight and straight. Do the roll test if you want to know for sure. If the bats bounce or bounce, they're no good. The all-rounder size 5A is suitable for beginners, over time you will find the perfect sticks for you. Every drum set should be adapted to its player. That means: Are the individual components in such a way that you can play well with them? Are you sitting? How high do you have to hold your arms? Always make sure that you are sitting straight and relaxed and that you can move comfortably. When playing, you need space for your arms and always be able to hit hard and in a controlled manner. Warm up for 10 minutes, you can also use a practice pad or something similar. Have spare sticks and a water bottle ready and make sure you're breathing calmly - then you're good to go!

Skill # 3 - You have time and inclination, but no money for your own drum set - What now? No problem! There is a solution for that too. Together with a few friends, you can rent a rehearsal room with instruments and make music together. You don't always need the best of the best. Find out what you need and what you don't. There are also many good parts second-hand and with a bit of luck the previous owner can give you insider tips. Would you like to really get involved and even take lessons? Some music schools offer instruments for hire, while others welcome volunteers. How about a win-win situation for both sides. As you can see, nothing should stand in the way of your wish, because there is a solution for everything.
And now: don't wait any longer, try it out right away ;) We wish you a lot of fun and look forward to hearing how it worked out for you.
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